What do I hope to learn?

Okay, so CS3216 is about to begin!

My expectation of this coming journey on CS3216 is currently high! I hope I would learn and remember those things:

Technical stuffs: version controls, package/project management tools.

Engineering mind: Software engineering concepts and practices.

Business eyesight: Better grasp on the current app markets, and learn what people actually want from us, the CS people.

I don’t like this blog to die after CS3216. Although it is open one the day before CS3216, I would like to keep this blog running. To do so, I would force myself to update on three things I learn each day, no matter how small they are.

The Three Things:

  1. SMIL is going to die, but Web Animation is not ready in major browsers yet. Element.animate is the best we have for now.
  2. I read observation module of Polymer framework, and I learn that they are going to implement an reference counting “garbage collection” on observed models. I have this in my watch.js already, but I still need to look out for leakages caused by observation. WeakSets looks good to me.
  3. CUDA prefers structs of arrays instead of arrays of structs! The latter is faster by about 2 factors of the former. I need to investigate this behaviour.

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